How to Actually Accomplish your New Year Goals

The New Year is coming and I am sure most of you are excited about the reflection and goal setting that you are currently partaking in. You are probably thinking about the boss moves you are going to make, getting that body right, breaking generational curses, and much more. When we set new goals we feel on top of the world and ready to do anything! Our motivation is on 100 and we say “this is my year”. Let me tell you now though, this post is not for the one that knows they are going to be “all the way up” all year. This post is for someone who sets goals and doesn’t quite finish them. For the person who starts out strong then looks around and wonders where December came from. The one who is trying to become a whole new person and sets 10 plus goals. To the one that gets overwhelmed, overthinks, or anxious about their own goals…THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!

            If you are anything like me, making new goals fills your spirit up with sunshine and possibility; on the flip side there is so much possibility you end up with a page full of goals. A new decade is coming up and through my journey of reflection I realized the last thing I want to do at the end of it, is look back and feel like I am exactly where I was in certain areas years ago. As I began to look at my system of how I choose my goals, I realized there is nothing wrong with desiring growth; but as with everything it is “not what you do, but how you do it”. 

            Society teaches us that we have to rush, set deadlines, compare ourselves, or we will get left behind. I am here to tell you the lie detector determined “THAT WAS A LIE”! The only person you need to compare yourself to is the you of yesterday. Contrary to popular belief, surprise surprise, you will feel less anxious not living on a timeline.  So here are a few tips on how to make your goals more manageable so that you accomplish more.

  • Chunk them down into categories:

Pick categories that are important to you to focus on this year. One approach may be mind, body, soul and another may be family, career, and finances. Mix and match how you so please.

  • Choose 1 to 3 major goals per category:

As previously stated, we sometimes get carried away because we want to be the best we can be. Know that is okay to take it one step at a time. By doing this you are likely to accomplish more, rather than making a million changes at one. Choose 1 to 3 main goals per category and try working towards 1 in each category before moving to the next. If you have more than 3 categories I would suggest picking 1 main goal per category. You can always add another when you are done with that one.

  • Utilize vision boards: 

You have to see it to believe it right?! Vision boards come in handy to help you see your goals and serve as a reminder of what your life will look like or consist of. Put it in a space where you can look at it daily. 

  • Write it down and Speak it daily:

There is power in the tongue, do you hear me?! You have the ability to speak abundance, growth, and positivity over your life. Write it down and make it plain. Take the extra step to speak the change, business, money, love, etc. you seek in your life. There will come a time when you feel discouraged, but have faith, and keep using your power to speak against those thoughts. 

  • Give yourself grace:

Rome wasn’t buit in a day. Time is not guaranteed, but I am sure you would rather complete one goal, than have 5 unfinished ones because you got overwhelmed. Work at each goal until you feel it is concrete or you are satisfied before moving to the other one. If it takes longer to accomplish a goal than expected that is okay. Most times we are our own worst critics. Life is not a sprint, but a marathon. Don’t tire yourself out by utilizing all of your energy in the first quarter. Pace yourself and you will get there. 

My biggest hope for you is that at the end of your life, not just the end of the New Year, you can look back and feel that you were the person you were meant to be. That you are proud of yourself and that you accomplished what you set out to do. There is no need to rush through your goals or hit them all in one round. Life is all about growing and learning, therefore you will always find a way to create a new goal. As long as you are making progress each day that is what truly matters.

Always Live Lovely,


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Written : December 28, 2019


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4 Replies to “How to Actually Accomplish your New Year Goals”

  1. Hey cousin! I love the advice on not oversaturating yourself with too many goals at once. There are levels to this goal-setting thing! Accomplishing one goal at a time is the most effective because it has your full focus. I absolutely love this blog! What a healthy start to the new year this advice provides. I’m so proud of the woman you’ve become!
    Your distant but will try not to be so distant cousin!
    New Year~ New attitude

    1. Hey cousin!!!! Yes, it is essential. It is okay to be a goal-getter, but more important to finish what you start. When you set too many at once, you can get lost in them. I truly appreciate your support and I am happy you find it to be helpful. Thank you for rooting for me. Love you always!


  2. “lie detector determined “THAT WAS A LIE”!”

    I busted out laughing imagining the tone of your voice and the facial expression you’d be making as you quoted Maury…. and your statement of society pushing expectations of what our goals need to look like resonate with me 100%. It takes a lot of out a person when they base their goals on others’ expectations because they’re not being genuine to themselves. I think that, along with staying true to one’s desires, one also needs to have empathy for oneself. Having smaller goals, that build up to longer term goals, is a great way of acknowledging and praising the every, single, step we take to get to where we want to be.

    This reflection is what I will take with me after reading this post. Thank you.

    1. Shanti, You know me too well Lol! Yes, basing your goals for self off the next person is unrealistic; yet that is the norm. I 1000% agree, we have to have empathy…grace. We are not perfect and we try…really hard at times…but we tear ourselves down at the same rate if the try wasn’t good enough. I’m so happy this post resonated with you and you will take the reflection with you as you grow in the new year. Thank you for supporting Always Live Lovely. You the best!!!

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