Always Live Lovely, was created in 2013 out of the desire to use a platform to help spread motivation and build a positive lifestyle. Today, Always Live Lovely, provides mental health education, motivation, and support through various forms to adults ages 18 and up, inspiring them to be their best selves. Always Live Lovely encourages individuals to Think, Feel, Be, & Live Lovely in various areas of their life such as personal growth, academics, career, and relationships to mentally prepare them with skills to help them get their minds right and be better in their roles within their community!

You are probably wondering how do you (always) live lovely? Well, by choosing to give yourself your best chance, to live your best life, & by putting your mental health first. Yes, PUT YOUR MENTAL HEALTH FIRST. You can’t be everything to everyone or balance all of your responsibilities if you are depleted. Often times there is a focus on skill building in regards to finances, cooking, working, and so on (you know, the things you need to survive PHYSICALLY), but not specifically on how to handle experiences mentally (you know the things to help you keep your SANITY when the world itself is already too much). The focus is usually not on teaching you how to dig deep and ask yourself the necessary questions you need to heal. No one will teach you how to use what you have for practical and affordable tools that will help you have a healthy mind. There will come times where we become faced with making decisions we may not have felt prepared to make, having to learn to forgive to heal, recognize learned behavior that may not be helpful any more, actually have to become what we wanted to be, feel uncomfortable with difficult emotions, and on top of that we are expected to be a student, employee, family member, friend, our authentic self, and every other role we need to play (SERIOUSLY?!).

Your mind is a powerful tool that you have to invest in to strengthen. Although the change starts within, you don’t have to walk the journey alone. Always Live Lovely is a unique approach to life because, you define what it means for yourself. Life is all about finding what works best for you. No one can define that for you, because only YOU truly know what is best for you. Do what makes you happy, do what helps you heal, do what makes you feel whole, embrace life, and commit to your journey; then share the experience to help lift up others as well. Life can be lovely if you make it lovely!

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