Breaking Barriers: A Mental Health Discussion Series

Have you noticed there is a stigma around talking about mental health?

Have you wanted to speak out about what you are experiencing but don’t want to burden others?

Have you wanted to check on someone, but didn’t know how?

My hope is that this series will help make talking about difficult topics easier. My hope is that you will watch this video by yourself, with a friend, a loved one, etc. My hope is that we can begin to break the barriers around what holds us back as a society from valuing the mental health experience. My hope is that this will help inspire conversations and provide encouragement.

Check back for new episodes each month!

Available in podcast format so that you can listen on the go!!!



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Season 1/EPISODE 1: Suicide w/ special guest Haley Arterberry, M.A.

EPISODE 2: Section 8 w/ special guest Tj Sykes

EPISODE 3: Black Hair w/ special guest Chelsea Austin, Natural Hair Stylist

EPISODE 4: Covid-19 w/ special guest Sierra Enskip

Episode 5: Grief w/ special guest Twon Marcel Pope

EPISODE 6: Love & Incarceration w/ special guest Nhi Truong

EPISODE 7: Medication w/ special guest Anna Chernock

EPISODE 8: Marriage w/ special guest Clarice Woods

EPISODE 9: Freedom *Season Finale*

SEASON 2 EPISODE 10: Body Positivity w/ special guest Shynell Blanson

EPISODE 11- An Undocumented Lens w/ special guest Amrit Kaur

EPISODE 12: Life After Gun Violence w/ special guest Jeremy Harrison-Posey

EPISODE 13: Dominate Women in Relationships w/ special guest V. Bailey

EPISODE 14: Christian Culture w/ special guest Sierra Hillsman

EPISODE 15: Being a Rapper w/ special guest Ian Kelly

EPISODE 16: Raising a Child with Autism w/ special guest Shanti Sanchez

EPISODE 17: Raising a LGBTQ+ Child w/ special guest Andrea Weaver

EPISODE 18: Healing in the Birth Space w/ special guest Nakia Woods

EPISODE 19: Becoming a Father w/ special Guest Rodrael Guadalupe

EPISODE 20- Becoming a Mother Part 1 w/ special guest Gabrielle McQueen

EPISODE 21- Becoming a Mother Part 2 w/ special guest Gabrielle McQueen