Consultation Services

*THESE SERVICES ARE NOT THERAPY. THEY ARE CONSULTATIONS. * The goal of therapy is to receive healing, diagnosis, through assessment, etc. for a problem that impacts your functioning . It is a long standing relationship with someone who does not know you that includes an assessment, treatment plan, and more space for processing. Although our consultations can be healing, the main goal of a mental health consultation is to identify a problem/need and receive a solution, knowledge, strategies, and/or ideas that can benefit your mental health.


Do you need support with finding community resources?

Do you want to learn about mental health topics or need tips to experience relief?

Do you want to learn how to advocate for yourself when working with mental health professionals?

Do you need guidance figure out what you want to do with your life? Your purpose? Choosing a career path?

As a mental health therapist you might think I am biased and that I suggest going to therapy because, I am in the field. The reality is I have had multiple therapist myself and know what it is like to do the work. I never wanted to be the therapist that doesn’t know what it is like to also be the client. It is important to not only empathize, but truly know what it is like to walk the path. Throughout my work thus far, I have realized that the community is not informed much about the mental health field. This can look like referring to every therapist as a psychologist, accepting “therapy” services from someone who doesn’t have the qualifications, and many others choices. At times these choices tend to cause more harm than good when an individual finally wants to seek services. I want to be there to provide you support and make sure you are informed. On the other hand you may be someone who never wants to step foot in a therapy office. I see you too! I decided to also offer support in educating you to build your knowledge and skills to apply daily or simply help you locate the community resources you need. Not on the therapy search? That’s fine too, let me help you get in alignment with what you want to do with your work life.

This would not be a replacement for going to individual therapy, as nothing can replace that, but it can be helpful for you to maintain.

Services offered:

  • Psychoeducation- Learn information related to the topic of mental health you are interested in and/or the therapy process and which path may be helpful for you.
  • Career Exploration- Get guidance figuring out what path to take, exploring interest, options, purpose, and more.
  • Advocacy- Learn how to navigate the mental health system and talking with medical professionals to get your needs met.
  • Support with finding community resource.
  • 50 minutes

Do you leave work everyday exhausted and unfufilled?

Have you had an experience that left you feeling unheard, unappreciated, and/or mistreated?

Are you experiencing conflict with a co-worker that has caused you to want to avoid going to work or working with this person?

Do you want to provide an environment that values mental health for your employees thus resulting in them staying at their job longer?

From the various years of experience I have gained from working and volunteering in multiple settings I have learned that any assistance with mental health support is always appreciated. I have experienced my fair share of burnout, feeling undervalued/unappreciated, microaggressions/biases, gaslighting, conflict, power struggles, boundary issues, you name it. Through it all I have learned and seen what it takes to advocate for needs to be met, process harm done, and create an environment employees love. Work is an integral part of our daily lives. When we do not have a healthy work environment it impacts our whole being, home life, and ultimately causes resentment, passive aggression, trauma, harm, and/or seeking other employment opportunities. Often if there is conflict it can impact the work that needs to be done. I found pure joy in being able to work one-on-one, duo, and in groups related to these issues. I know what it feels like to be in a toxic work environment and the best of the best. Everyone deserves to go to work feeling happy, safe, and valued. Everyone’s work environment should provide what is needed for this goal to be achieved.

I can help by providing support to you and your work team through a series of consultations either virtually or in person. Let’s talk if you are ready to have a lovely work life!

Services offered:

  • Self-Care and Avoiding Burnout
  • Restorative Processing/Conflict Mediation
  • Overcoming work trauma
  • Advocacy support
  • Trainings

Contact us to discuss pricing and services needed.

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