Consultation Services

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*THESE SERVICES ARE NOT THERAPY. THEY ARE CONSULTATIONS. * The goal of therapy is to receive healing, diagnosis, through assessment, etc. for a problem that impacts your functioning . It is a long standing relationship with someone who does not know you that includes an assessment, treatment plan, and more space for processing. Although our consultations can be healing, the main goal of a mental health consultation is to identify a problem/need and receive a solution, knowledge, strategies, and/or ideas that can benefit your mental health.

Do you need support with finding a therapist and/or community resources?

Do you want to learn about mental health topics or need tips to experience relief?

Do you want to learn how to advocate for yourself when working with mental health professionals?

Do you need guidance figure out what you want to do with your life? Your purpose? Choosing a career path?

As a mental health therapist you might think I am biased and that I suggest going to therapy because, I am in the field. The reality is I have had multiple therapist myself and know what it is like to do the work. I never wanted to be the therapist that doesn’t know what it is like to also be the client. It is important to not only empathize, but truly know what it is like to walk the path. Throughout my work thus far, I have realized that the community is not informed much about the mental health field. This can look like referring to every therapist as a psychologist, accepting “therapy” services from someone who doesn’t have the qualifications, and many others choices. At times these choices tend to cause more harm than good when an individual finally wants to seek services. Locating the therapist you feel could be a good fit for you can be discouraging due to roadblocks you may hit in the system. I want to be there to provide you support and make sure you are informed. On the other hand you may be someone who never wants to step foot in a therapy office. I see you too! I decided to also offer support in educating you to build your knowledge and skills to apply daily. This would not be a replacement for going to individual therapy, as nothing can replace that, but it can be helpful for you to maintain.

Services offered:

  • Psychoeducation- Learn information related to the topic of mental health you are interested in.
  • Career Exploration- Get guidance figuring out what path to take, exploring interest, options, purpose, and more.
  • Advocacy- Learn how to navigate the mental health system and talking with medical professionals to get your needs met.
  • Support with finding a therapist and/or community resource; along with being informed about the therapy process and which path may be helpful for you.
  • 50 minutes

Are you currently dealing with conflict within your relationship with your partner, family member, or friend?

Are you tired of not feeling understood and wondering if you should work through the issue or “cut the person off”?

We all deal with difficulties in our relationships, not just romantic. In order for relationships to thrive, they take work on both ends. You may currently be dealing with conflict with someone you truly care about and it hurts you to the core. You may be someone that doesn’t let conflict stop you, but you are done with running into constant issues. Maybe you need better communication, maybe you need accountability, maybe you need a referral to a therapist. I have for sure been through my fair share of relationship conflicts. Throughout my professional and personal experiences one things remains true… in order to not get back to the same space you are in, you must be willing to commit to doing something different and open to solution. It can be hard to reach a “common ground” and things can get rough when you vent to others who know you both. I am here to help provide a neutral space to identify the issue and help you reach a solution because, we all deserve healthy relationships.

Services offered:

  • Receive mediation, guidance, and support in figuring out a solution to the presenting problem between the individuals to better the relationship.
  • Psychoeducation- Learn information related to the topics of mental health that are related to the presenting problem, thus leading to awareness and solution.
  • 50 minutes

Are you a first generation graduate student?

Do you struggling trying to balance all of your responsibilities?

Do you feel you could be getting more out of your supervision?

Grad school is not an easy feat and if someone told you it was they played you. I managed to roadmap my courses, work, practice self-care, spend time with loved ones, travel, earn honors, and graduate on time with a cumulative 4.0 gpa. This is coming from the girl who actually dropped Psychology the semester before graduating because, she was failing the course (clearly God knew what He was doing)! Throughout my journey as a trainee and associate, I questioned if I made the right decision, cried on my bedroom floor, and experienced peer/leadership conflict. While gaining my hours I always felt a hunger for more answers. I would ask supervisors questions, but would still be left needing more information. My supervisors have always felt I kept them on their toes. I feel as much of an investment entering the career field is, you deserve to feel fully prepared for examination and confidence in your work once licensed. I have always created a plan with my supervisors to identify goals and had in-depth conversations to not accept the bare minimum. It took me a while to learn those skills, but I want to offer them to you.

Services offered:

  • Successful habits in graduate school
  • Time Management
  • Getting the most out of your supervision
  • Advocacy/ Work Conflict
  • Self-Care
  • Avoiding Burn-out
  • 50 minutes

From the various years of experience I have gained from working in school and non-profit settings I have learned that any assistance with mental health support is always appreciated. I have worked with all ages, including middle schoolers in the special education counseling enriched classroom. A few things I have recognized is that adults who support youth need support in regards to understanding how mental health shows up in various settings, how to deal with crisis, advocacy support, etc. Being a teacher is a tough job, especially during the pandemic, your mental health is valuable as well. Often if there is conflict between co-workers it can impact the work that needs to be done for the youth. Building relationships with the parents is also very rewarding and needed if you want the work you do with youth to go beyond the classroom. I found pure joy in being able to work one-on-one and in groups with youth. Nevertheless, I know it is essential for the people who support the youth to be well, informed, and also have space. I can help by providing support to teachers, admin, staff, parents, directors, and the rest of your community.

Services offered:

  • Self-Care for teachers
  • Restorative Processing/Conflict mediation
  • Crisis interventions and de-escalation
  • Dealing with difficult behaviors
  • How mental health shows up in the classroom
  • Advocacy support

Contact us to discuss pricing and services needed if you are a school/non-profit.

  • 50 minutes
  • Contact for pricing