Frequently Asked Questions

What is you approach to therapy? I describe my approach in two ways: You can visualize us being on a boat, where you are navigating the seas and I am there to help navigate. I will guide you in igniting the strengths you already have, while helping you discover more. I am there to help with the sails, give direction, and even take over the wheels if needed. I am will help guide you through the waves to get to calmer waters. You may also visualize yourself as a garden and I am helping you tend to this garden. Planting seeds, picking weeds, providing water and sun, finding the beauty is flowers that may be losing life, reviving, cutting thrones, and tending to the roses to help them bloom. Helping you identify what your garden needs.

What types of interventions/model’s do you use in therapy? I believe everyone is different and deserves for their treatment to provide what they need. No one person is the same. I am an integrative therapist; meaning I pull from a variety of modalities and interventions. My main approaches are Trauma Informed, Culturally Sensitive and Affirming such as Client Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Strength Based Approach, Holistic Therapy, Interpersonal, Psychodynamic. Somatic, Gottman Method, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness. I enjoy receiving feedback and learning about what has and has not worked for you.

What is the Always Live Lovely Framework? Through my therapeutic framework you will learn how to tend to your garden (your mind) by examining how to think, feel, be, and live lovely in order to help you reach your therapeutic goals. We do extensive work on your thoughts and feelings to help you gain insight and awareness. We encourage you to practice in your day to day to establish a new sense of being. Nearing the end of therapy you will be able to easily apply what has been learned to live out the life you worked hard for. My framework is based in CBT.

What can I expect the flow of sessions to be? I offer short and long term therapy. Depending on the chose approach the first 1 to 3 sessions will be spent gathering intake information and ensure we are indeed a good fit. We will then collaborate to make a growth (treatment) plan. From there we will get into the flow of working towards your goals. Towards end of therapy we will prepare for graduation, reflecting on growth, resources, and next steps. I have custom Always Live Lovely worksheets I will share with you as needed to help with treatment. I will always share resources I am aware of provided by myself and others to help as well.

What services do you offer? I only offer individual and couple’s therapy services for adults 18 to 50. I do not currently provide family or child therapy.

What payment do you accept? I accept out of pocket and insurance (Aetna, Oxford, United Health Care, Oscar Health). I accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. For self-pay client’s I can accept Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Saving Account (HSA) in the form of a debit/credit card.

I only accept couple’s as self pay clients; I am not able to provide couple’s therapy through insurance at this time.

Do you offer sliding scale? I do not currently have a sliding scale, but do offer free podcast and low cost products for purchase.

Do you offer sessions in person? I only provide Teletherapy; 100% online; virtual therapy

Is virtual therapy for everyone? During our first few sessions we will determine if you are a good fit for virtual therapy. Some presenting issues I am unable to assist with virtually are substance use, eating disorders, personality disorders, and active suicidal ideation if unable to agree to safety terms and conditions.

Can I book a session with you if I live outside of California? I am only licensed in the state of California. I am able to provide support to residents throughout the entire state.

Other information for me to know? Therapy is a journey, not a quick fix. Investing in your health is the best decision you can make. In therapy you will receive growth assignments that will require you to do work outside of therapy to practice skills and gain insight in your day to day life.

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