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Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, & stress? Do you need support adjusting to current life changes? Are you tired of experiencing dysfunction in your relationships with family, friends, & partners? Are your childhood experiences impacting your current relationships with others & self? Are you open to gaining self awareness that will help you live a lovely life? I know that you are capable of having a life filled with more peace, balance, & joy. You deserve to feel relief from the daily obstacles you are facing & be more present. You have the power to choose healing. You can learn to thrive rather than live in survival mode.

I help make healing feel accessible & relatable, while talking about difficult topics, to help you become the best version of yourself. I offer a trauma-informed, culturally sensitive space where you can tap into strengths that have always been there and gain new awareness of self to experience growth in your relationship with self and others.

Therapy is a unique experience that can provide great relief, if you are ready to go on the journey. Most times our mind, emotions, and past experiences get in the way of us being able to live life how we desire. Therapy provides a confidential space for you to be able to feel safe to process what you are experiencing in a different way that you may have in the past. I can teach you effective tools to utilize and educate you on what you are experiencing. Through my therapeutic framework you will learn how to tend to your garden (your mind) by examining how to think, feel, be, and live lovely in order to help you reach your therapeutic goals.

I applaud you for making it this far because, life gets tough and here you are willing to make it better. Life is all about finding what works best for you and finding balance in all roles. Do what makes you happy, do what helps you heal, do what makes you feel whole, embrace life, and commit to your journey. Through our work together I will help you make necessary shifts and feel the relief you deserve. Are you prepared to bloom?

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I work with individual adults (ages 18 to 50) who experience anxiety, depression, and/ or stress due to the following:

Childhood Trauma

Perinatal & Postpartum Mental Health

Difficult Relationships (Intimate, Family, Friendship, or Co-Worker)

Adjustment to Life Changes

I have specialized training in Human Development, Certificate in Treatment & Traumatology, Dream Work & Healing, Black Psychology, Suicide Prevention, Young Adulthood/College Population, Perinatal Mental Health, & Childhood Mental Health.

I work with couple’s (ages 18 to 50) who want to gain more self awareness and are experiencing stress, which is impacting their ability to communicate effectively and grow in intimacy, due to adjusting to being engaged to be married, newly weds, and/or new parents.

Important Information:

-Please throughly read paperwork before the start of therapy, as all information is enforced once signed.

-Please visit my frequently asked questions page here to find answer to any questions you may have.

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Marriage and Family Therapist License #116335