Speaker Resume

Speaker/Presentation Experience

I have been featured as a guest speaker on a variety of shows (podcast, Youtube Lives, etc.). Please refer to this link to check them out: https://alwayslivelovely.com/speaking/

Antioch University: New England                                                      

June 2021

  • Featured speaker during the Justice Leadership Council’s Juneteenth: Yesterday’s Endurer, Today’s Overcomer presenting on “The Impact of perseverance and Passion in the Black Community: Goal setting and handling challenging tasks”.

CoCo Coalition, Inc: Oakland, CA                                              

September 2018

  • Participated as a panelist on the mental health panel for the Black and Healthy Conference: Nurture the Black Woman discussing topics such as stigma, therapy, mental illness/disorders, suicide, trauma, and unique issues that impact Black women. 

Arise High School: Oakland, CA                                                                     

May 2017            

  • Facilitated workshop for juniors and graduating seniors on taking care of your mental health after high school and finding counseling services within the community and college campus.

California State University, East Bay: Hayward, CA                         

September 2016 – November 2022

  • Created and lead training with co-facilitator, “Black Mental Health: Brief Interventions, Psychology, and the Black Experience”, supporting co-workers in understanding experiences of the Black population, gain basic knowledge/awareness of brief intervention and Black Psychology, and challenging them to examine their own beliefs, stereotypes, and views.
  • Co-facilitated “I Can Help: Suicide Awareness and Intervention” workshop for staff, faculty, and student leaders to learn strategies to prevent suicide on an individual and systemic level, identifying students in distress, connecting with resources, and asking directly about suicide.
  • Co-facilitator of “Avoiding Burnout and Compassion Fatigue” training for staff, faculty, and student leader. Based on the book Trauma Stewardship by Laura Vandernoot Lipsky. Exploring how supporting students impacts you personally and collectively. Focusing on strategies to manage the potential for burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious traumatization.
  • Created and facilitated training for RAW Student Assistants entitled, “Helping Students, Helping Ourselves”, highlighting supporting students in distress and caring for self afterwards.
  • Facilitator of “Coping Skills” workshop utilizing Seeking Safety curriculum by Lisa M. Najavits to provide students with foundational skills to build safety and create healthy changes in their life.
  • Facilitated and developed curriculum for Getting Unstuck via virtually providing students with effective skills to manage depression.
  • Facilitator of “Anxiety Toolbox” group utilizing CALM curriculum to provide students with psychoeducation and tools needed to decrease anxiety and increase self-awareness.
  • Facilitated and created curriculum for Self-Care Moment via in person and virtually providing students with a space to learn effective self-care tools and reflect on redefining self-care for themselves.
  • Participated in Women of Color in Health Care Panel discussing barriers faced in mental health care and academics within communities of color.
  • Organized Black Excellence Mental Health Professionals panel, including several professionals from the Bay Area to decrease stigma, enable students to see themselves in mental health professionals, and inspire healing. 
  • Facilitated “You Mad or Nah” workshop on anger management utilizing music, do it yourself activities, and psychoeducation to cultivate self awareness about cycle of anger, somatic responses, triggers, and alternative behaviors.
  • Facilitated Self Care workshop for Resident Assistants for students to reflect, learn tools, and formulate a better routine; cultivating new ways to incorporate self care into lifestyle and redefine meaning. 
  • Co-facilitated workshop for Nursing staff on helping students in distress to support staff in feeling more equip with resources.
  • Facilitated Tools for Self Awareness workshop “Let’s Taco ‘bout Difficult Emotions” presented to transfer students living in Pioneer Heights providing psychoeducation and tools to assist students in handling difficult emotions. 
  • Facilitated Assertive Communication: Taking A Different Approach training to resident assistants teaching them the skills needed for conflict management and communication styles. 
  • Facilitated guided meditation workshop with Resident Assistants to cultivate self-awareness and increased decision making abilities utilizing guided imagery. 
  • Facilitated Calm and Clear workshop in the RAW Center for students teaching them various ways to utilize expressive arts through activities and guided meditation for self care.
  • Facilitated training on trauma and effective short-term models for counseling department colleagues.

Argosy University: Alameda, CA                                                    

November 2016

  • Spoke on a panel to professionals about improvements within the graduate school experience. 

Oakland School for the Arts: Oakland, CA                                                   

October 2016

  • Spoke to 11thand 12thgrade AP Psychology students about personal career decisions and field of psychology.

Youth Uprising: Oakland, CA                                                                                     

May 2014

  • Facilitated workshop for girls ages 14 to 17 “Playing Your Role: Building Better Relationships” on self love and playing your role within relationships to build stronger connections.

Born4Purpose: Oakland, CA                                                                                      

June 2013

  • Guest Motivational speaker for Live Your Dream: Start Your Own Business Event inspiring women to attend college.