Event Announcement: I will be speaking at CoCo Coalition’s Black and Healthy Conference on September 22, 2018

I am so excited to announce that I will be speaking at my very first conference as a mental health panelist in the Bay Area September 22, 2018!!!

I truly enjoy being able to connect with my community and help provide the space for individuals to thrive and elevate to live a lovely life.

The Black and Healthy Conference: Nurture the Black Woman is a six hour, 9am-3:30pm, event focused on nurturing the mental, holistic, and reproductive health of Black women. The event will consist of meditation, brunch, workshops, panels, networking, and more. I will be speaking on the “Dismantling Stigmas Around Mental Health” panel. It is important to have safe spaces, where we can all come together, connect, and heal.


CoCo Coalition is a Black owned non-profit organization based in Oakland, California that focuses on creating a variety of opportunities for Black girls and women to grow, thrive, and shine.  Check out their website here.

Purchase your ticket today by clicking on the link below:


Use the discount code: cocopanel for 20% your purchase.

You can also read my full bio on their website. Check it out!

I can’t wait to see you there!


Always Live Lovely,



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