Remaining Calm While the World is in Chaos

            This year has truly hit us all with some unexpected chaos. On top of the personal day-to-day experiences we have, as a collective we have experienced celebrity deaths, pre-elections, government decisions that impact your life, the Coronavirus, and so much more. The chaos can sometimes make you feel like the resolutions and joy you felt entering into the new year was long ago. You may feel like this year was worse than 2019 or for some you may feel it is better; either way you feel something. There are a lot of us that are living daily in fear, panic, and anxiety. We don’t even know when it is a good time to go to the store anymore because, a lot of people fear they will be without, so they bulk buy. When we are in a state of fear, we are unable to have logical thinking, and we act out of fight or flight response. 

The truth is, we are currently in a state of global crisis! 

Although, the world may be shutting down, that doesn’t mean you have to as well. 

              The reality of most situations is that there is only so much of it that is truly in our control and much more that is out of our control. That can be really scary to come to grips with. There is hope though, because although you may not have all control, you do have power. You have the power to choose how you respond. You get to choose if to live in a state of peace or panic. You get to choose how much news you listen to daily. You get to choose what you consume on social media. You get to choose if you will get angry when you notice the store is out of toilet paper. 

                 One thing that usually happens when the world is in chaos around you, is that you can loose your footing. You begin to drift away with anxious thoughts. You are no longer grounded. Hold on though, there is a gift that most of us have access too (I say most because I am aware some people may have compromises due to health difficulties). That gift is something we do daily on our own; we just don’t pay much attention to it or provide enough gratitude. We often go about our day actually not thinking much of it because, it happens automatically. Keep reading to find out what that gift is.

I would like to offer you one suggestion on how to remain calm when the world is in chaos. 

Use your breath as an anchor!

Yes, breathing is a gift that you were born with, that if utilized to its fullest potential has the ability to calm your nervous system. Help yourself remain grounded by taking deep breaths. Breathing deeply causes you to slow down and reorient yourself. You can think more clearly and react differently. The best part is that it doesn’t cost you a thing. Can somebody say “FREE SELF-CARE!”. Give yourself the opportunity to just be for a moment! There is a lot changing day-by-day, but you don’t have to get swept up in the chaos. Acknowledge all that is going on, ground yourself, and go forth from there. 

Leave me a comment below and let me know if this was easy to do, what made it difficult, and if it made a difference for you. We can survive this!

Psalms 91

Always Live Lovely,


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Written : March 15, 2020


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