Freeing Yourself from Mental Health Stigma

What does it truly mean to be free? In order to experience true freedom should it exist on a mental, physical, and spiritual level? Do we ever get to the core of freedom?

Freedom is something I have consistently been after. Freedom is something I feel everyone deserves. When someone has mental health experiences they usually face stigma and others not understanding. As a therapist, I sit with various people who feel like a burden, misunderstood, confused, etc.

In order for me to be the best therapist I can be, I must practice daily to free myself as well. I must not be afraid to be vulnerable about my own journey. You must remember there is power in your words. You can set your thoughts free. You can be free. I chose freedom.

To hear my journey listen to the season 1 finale of my podcast, “Breaking Barriers: A Mental Health Discussion”.

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Written : July 15, 2021


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